Inshare for PC Windows (10/8/7) Using Bluestacks

InShare for PC is the smart application that lets you transfer the files from one device to another device easily without the internet. Today, file-sharing is an important thing for all including office works or personal. If we want to share any large files like Movies, Videos, Documents, or anything else, we need a secure app to transfer. In that way, InShare for PC is a wonderful app to transfer files more securely. There are lots of file sharing applications are available in Playstore. In past days, mostly we all use Shareit for file sharing. But after the ban of Shareit in India, people search for the alternative app to transfer files.

How To Download Inshare App for pc
How To Download Inshare App for pc

So, you can go with the InShare app. Some people like to use this app on a PC. In this post, we will see one of the best file sharing app called InShare and how to download it on our PC with simple steps. While using this app, you no need to worry about ads, because Inshore is totally free from ads and you can enjoy the file sharing without an internet connection. If want to share files like kinds of music, Videos, Movies, Documents, Apk files, or anything else, you can easily go with Inshore for PC. share is available for both Android and IOS devices. Then you may think what about PC? You can easily install any android apps on your PC using Android Emulators. Let’s see in detail below.

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About InShare App for PC:

InShare app is developed by the company InShot Inc. This amazing app allows users to share all files like Videos, Party Photos, and Movies, PDF files, Documents, Apps, e-book, or anything else easily. The file transfer speed of Inshare app is 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfer which means you can transfer files up to 40Mb/s. If you face any interrupt, it will automatically reconnect and transfer the files at a lightning speed. Apart from that, you can enjoy file sharing without ads. Ads will interrupt us mostly in all apps especially in the file-sharing app. But InShare is free from ads. Also, you can transfer any files without an internet connection.

About Inshare
About Inshare

InShare supports all file formats and you can send multiple files and folders at one time. It supports nearly 30 Languages, so you can transfer any language files using Inshare. This Inshare app is available on multiple platforms like InShare for PC, Inshare for MAC, Inshare for IOS, InShare for Android, InShare for Windows Phone, and InShare for Blackberry, etc. Let’s we will see some important features of Inshare app and how to use it in PC.

Features of Inshare for PC:

There are numerous features plugged in with InShare. The simple layout and amazing features of Inshare app make its high popularity in Playstore. Let’s see the features now,

Speed Transfer:

  • InShare app allows you to transfer the files at the speed of 40Mb/s. The file transfer speed is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. So, you can transfer the files at lightning speed.

Offline Sharing:

  • InShare gives the feature of Offline file sharing. Lots of applications need an internet connection or Wi-Fi connection to transfer files. But, InShare for PC doesn’t need it.

User- Friendly Layout:

  • InShare is designed like user-friendly, so you can easily open, installing, and viewing any options in this app.


  • This app supports nearly 30 Languages. So, you can transfer files with any languages.

Multiple Format Support:

  • One best feature in InShare for PC is multiple format support. You can transfer any type of file like Video files, documents, Music, etc. You can transfer without any interruption.

Cross-Platform Support:

  • The application allows the users to share the files with all the platforms like MAC, IOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry, etc.

How to Download InShare for PC:

Unfortunately, the InShare app is not available for PC. But we can install and use this app on PC using Android Emulator. Bluestack is the best Android Emulator that allows users to run any android apps on a PC. Let’s see how to download InShare on PC

  • First, we need Bluestack Emulator to run android apps on PC.
How To Download Bluestacks For PC
How To Download Bluestacks For PC
How To Download Google Play Store To Inshare Download
How To Download Google Play Store To Inshare Download
  • Then now, open the InShare app with Bluestack emulator.

Otherwise, you can also go to the search option and type and search InShare app on Bluestack to download
Finally, Open the InShare app on your PC using Bluestack and enjoy the file-sharing feature on your PC.

How to Use InShare in PC:

  • First, you need to install the InShare app on your device
  • Your devices should have a Wi-Fi connection. Well, all devices should use Wi-Fi connection while file transfer.
  • Now, open the app and click the upload button which is in pink color.
  • Select the files or folders which you want to transfer.
How To Transfer Files inshare
How To Transfer Files inshare
  • Now, you need to select the device you want to transfer the files.
  • Then click the Share button to share files.
Then Click To Share Butten in inshare
Then Click To Share Butten in inshare
  • That’s it. You can now share any kind of files using the InShare app
Easy To Transfer FIle inshare
Easy To Transfer FIle inshare


File Sharing app is the basic need for all today, Right? But we need to transfer the files with more secure & safe. If you want to share files with more secure and easy, you can go with InShare for PC. This app will make your data transfer simple and quick. If you have any queries related to this content, kindly share it with us. We will get back to you. Thank You.

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