Transfer Files From PC to PC Using Shareit App

Most people prefer USB drive for share files between PCs. If you want to share files without using USB or want to share files instantly, you can use the Shareit application on your PC. SHAREit for PC is a file transferring application which lets you share all kinds file from one device to another device. Apart from file sharing, SHAREit allows you to share applications between one device to another device. It transfers files faster than Bluetooth, NFC and storage devices which are removable like USB devices. In this post, we will first focus on the features of SHAREit for PC and then I will explain how to transfer files between two PCs using Shareit.

shareit for pc to pc
Share it for pc to pc

Features of SHAREit for PC:

  • Shareit for PC is working under the direct connection of hotspot with that it can send all sorts of files without using an internet connection.
  • You can transfer files without using it at high speed.
  • No File size limit in SHAREit app, so you can transfer any large files easily with your friends
  • Group sharing feature is available in SHAREit, it allows you to create a group with your friends and allows group sharing.
  • The built-in music and video player of the app ensure you can enjoy music both online and offline.
  • With the help of your QR code, your friend can easily scan it and download the SHAREit app easily and directly
  • You can share contacts, notes, documents and any other type of files having on your device. Also, You can share files and other apps with multiple users at same time.

How to transfer files between two PCs using SHAREit?:

Step 1: First of all you need to download and install SHAREit for PC on both PCs.
Step 2: Download the extension file of SHAREit and save it anywhere on your PC. It may take a few minutes to download the Shareit to your PC. Allow it to download completely and the time of download is based on your internet speed.

easy way to download shareit pc
easy way to download shareit pc

Step 3: Once it downloaded, you need to install the app on your PC. Navigate to the folder where the file was previously downloaded and Double-click it to start the installation.
Step 4: After it completes the installation process, it will show a pop-up message that says finish. Click on the Finish button. You need to create an account on SHAREit.

shareit pc to pc
shareit pc to pc

Step 5: Enable the Wi-Fi on both PCs and connect both PCs to the same network. If you can’t find a Wi-Fi, you can create a mobile hotspot on one of the two PCs and then connect the other PC to this mobile hotspot.
Step 6: Launch the SHAREit app on both PCs. In one of the PC, click the three horizontal lines which appear on the top of the home screen of the app. In that option, select the option Connect to PC. Now Shareit will start searching for PCs that are running on the same network.

shareit pc to pc
shareit pc to pc

Step 7: Within few seconds, You can see the other PC running the SHAREit app. Tap on the PC name or icon which you want to connect to your PC via SHAREit.
Step 8: On the other PC, you will see a confirmation dialog box. It asks you to accept the test’s connection request. You need to click on the ‘Accept’ button to accept the access request. If you get requests denied or get a similar error, try to establish the connection from other PC.
Step 9: The main screen Shareit for PC contains three categories such as pictures, files, and screenshots. These options can be used to choose the type of files you want to transfer. You can choose any of them to select images, videos, music or documents and send them to the connected phone. Alternatively, you can use the drag and drop method for selecting files.

shareit pc to pc
shareit pc to pc

Step 10: While file transfer, You can able to see the transfer speed of files and size of the files. Once it completed the files transfer, it shows a 100% transfer completed.

If you want to see the received files, tap on the File receive icon at the top of the display to open the folder which contains the received files. Also, you can see the file by clicking the three dots icon on the name of the file received and then click on the open containing folder option.

SHAREit for PC allows you to change the destination folder. To change the destination folder, Select the three-line symbol which appears in the top right corner. From there, you need to click on ‘Settings’. And then click ‘browse’. You will see your PC folders. Select any drive or folders you want to save and then click the ‘Save’ button. Click on folder symbol in the top right corner which is left to three lines symbol to get access to the folder from itself.

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Concluding words:

Using SHAREit is the best way to transfer files between two PCs. Moreover, it is a free and easy way of transferring files. So, just use SHAREit on your PC and enjoy sharing files between PCs without any difficulties.

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