6 Best SHAREit Alternatives (Android/Windows/iOS/Mac)

SHAREit is an excellent file sharing app used to transfer files. It allows you to use this application in all sorts of devices like smartphones, tablets, computers and more. SHAREit is just working under the direct connection of Wi-Fi, then you can able to transfer all types of files and documents such as photos, files, videos, and any android apps easily from one system to another without the help of internet connection. This file transfer application is developed as a cross-platform application. So it has no platform barrier, as it can work on all devices if the app is enabled on the device.
SHAREit creates a Wi-Fi access point that nearby devices can connect to the nearby devices which also have installed the corresponding app.

SHAREit Alternatives
SHAREit Alternatives

Once both devices are connected, you can now start the file transfer process by browsing or drag and drop files onto the corresponding interface. This app offers fine speed while executing the transfer process. However, many people found some fault while working with SHAREit. It is filled with ads that block your view and are very aggressive, which can be quite annoying and frustrating. For this reason, if you don’t like SHAREit, you can choose an app from SHAREit alternatives. Many apps are providing the same features that Shareit provides. Here are some best alternatives to Shareit which are truly worth.

6 Best SHAREit Alternatives;

  1. Xender.
  2. Mi Drop.
  3. WeTransfer.
  4. Zapya.
  5. ShareFile.
  6. Send Anywhere.

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Xender is one of the best alternatives to SHAREit which works for sharing photos, documents, music and more between smart devices and computers. File transfer is pretty fast with xender and the app is free. It is a wireless way to transfer your data between two devices. Not just two, this app can share files among 4 devices at one time. There is no limit to the size of the file. It allows users to preview or delete photos directly. In the meantime, users can play music and videos when the size and attribute conditions are displayed. Xender is ad-supported since the company to make money somehow. But they are not disruptive and do not appear too often.

shareit alternative xender
shareit alternative xender

Mi Drop:

Mi Drop is an ad-free file transfer tool which is works without connecting to the internet. It helps you to quickly share images, videos, music, apps, and files between mobile devices anytime and anywhere you want. Mi drop transfers files 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It has a simple, clean and user-friendly transfer file interface. All files are sorted into categories like music, apps, images, etc. which makes them easy to find and share. If you face any issues or interruption while transferring files using Mi Drop app, then you just stop the process. It allows you to share any files like photos, music, videos, apps, documents and any other files.

shareit alternative Mi Drop
shareit alternative Mi Drop


Wetransfer is one of the easiest way to trasnfer your files around the world. It allows you to share large files up to 2GB for free. Wetransfer pro which means premium users can send up to 20GB at a time and it also offers the features like password protection, profile page customization, and 1 TB storage space etc. For sharing files you will require the email address of the recipient, but you don’t have to sign up. All you need to do is select a file that needs to be shared and then add the receiver email address. The receiver will receive a download link of the same file. Collect the option of Wetransfer is the best way to organize your ideas. It helps you to save stuff from across your apps and bring it together for your friends, your team or just for yourself.

shareit alternative WeTransfer
shareit alternative WeTransfer


Zapya is one of the best alternatives to SHAREit. It is a peer to peer file sharing app. The app enables users to transfer and share files without using the internet, by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot to which other devices can connect. Zapya allows communities to make a local network and then transfer data such as apps, videos, music, documents and more. Phone replicate a feature of zapya lets you to backup and transfer files from an old device to a new one. You can transfer files cross-platform on iOS, Mac, Android and Windows pretty fast. It is available in many languages so people use it worldwide. Although there are some ads from time to time, the user interface of zapya is very clean and easy to use.

shareit alternative zapya
shareit alternative zapya


One another SHAREit alternative is ShareFile which is developed by Citrix and allows the users to share and store the large files. You can access and share all your files and documents in a few simple clicks. It is designed for both individual and professional usage. ShareFile offers some advanced features like advanced secure and smooth sharing features. The app is very popular for its powerful third party integration, as well as flexibility and secure data sharing, where you can have a variety of capabilities including multi-level access authentication, granular permissions and most of all SSL or TSL 256-bit encryption to ensure that your data won’t end up lost or in the wrong hands. So, SHAREFile allows you to upload the files up to 10 GB. ShareFile gives you the ability to send and obtain e-signatures on documents with the integration of the right signature.

shareit alternative sharefile
shareit alternative share file

Send Anywhere:

Another interesting SHAREit alternative is Send anywhere app. This app allows you to create and share files through links. With the help of this feature, you can share with anyone who is not near you and also your cloud to share files to multiple people at once via the link. You can also share full folders using this app. Send Anywhere is accessible on different platforms. For an easy file transfer, you just need an onetime six-digit key, with this you can break through the tedious login and pairing process. And no need to worry about the privacy of your data, because they are protected by 256 file encryption protocol. There are ads in the app and you can remove them by purchasing the plus variant. Premium increases the size, stability, and speed of file transfer.

shareit alternative sendanywhere
shareit alternative send anywhere

Final words

All the above-mentioned apps are the best alternatives to SHAREit. They are available across all major platforms and free to use. You can choose any of these SHAREit alternatives to suit your individual preferences and needs.

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