How To Download SHAREit for Android TV-(SMART TV)

SHAREit on your Android TV, it is so easy to transfer files and other apps between any other devices. It is a file transfer app that lets users send or receive content from other users who are connected with the same network. SHAREit application is considered as the fastest file sharing application that can transfer files at rate 20 MB per second which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It is working under the direct connection of hotspot with that it can send all kinds of files such as photos, videos, documents and even apps between two or more devices without using an internet connection. You can send a single file to a group of friends at the same time. With the help of SHAREit, heavy multimedia files are transferred with ease without any knowledge about the technology. You can also easily download and install this app on your android device simply by scanning the QR code of your friend. It is amazing, Right?

shareit app download for smart tv
Shareit app download for smart tv

About Shareit for Android TV :

SHAREit also offers its users a variety of digital entertainment like music, videos, movies, meme, GIFs and etc. within the app itself. While sharing the files using SHAREit, you should keep in mind that devices must be able to locate one another in order to send or receive information. The maximum allowable distance to achieve this capability is approximately 30 meters or 100 feet. However, there is no other internet connection is required for two users to share files with one another. This app has a cloning feature, with this you can copy all the settings of a device into another device including contacts, messages and other stuff. You can do the file transfer between Mobile to Mobile, Mobile to PC, PC to Mobile, PC to PC etc.

download shareit on pc windows 10
download shareit

Moreover, SHAREit uses a secure connection, which is very important for different people who want to share their files without compromising security. Here in this post, first, we will focus on the features of SHAREit and then we will provide a complete guide on how to download and install SHAREit on Android TV. This amazing sharing app also available for various platforms like SHAREit for PC, SHAREit for IOS, SHAREit for Android, SHAREit for Windows Phone, SHAREit for Android TV, SHAREit for Blackberry etc.

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Features of SHAREit for Android TV:

  • You can transfer a range of different types of files across different devices using SHAREit.
  • It will transfer files without loss in its original quality.
  • This file transfer application uses direct Wi-Fi connections to transfer files between devices.
  • No need to connect your device with an internet connection.
  • It is one of the fastest file transfer app which transfer files 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • User interface design is very easy to use and navigation is simple.
  • The best thing about SHAREit is, it is entirely free.
  • It supports group sharing up to five devices simultaneously.
  • It is presently available in 39 languages English, Hindi, French, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.
  • No USB or cables are needed to transfer data with your computer or tablets.
  • It has built-in music and video player within the app.
  • The instant messaging feature is also available in SHAREit.
  • Moreover, SHAREit uses a secure connection to transfer files.

How to download and install SHAREit for Android TV?

  • You can download SHAREit from Google play store on Android TV.
  • To download SHAREit on Android TV, you should have an internet connection and Google account.
  • In Android TV, press the HOME button on the remote control.
  • In that home page, you need to Select the Google Play store app in the Apps list. If Google play store is not available in the apps list, then you need to select get more apps.
shareit app download for smart tv
shareit app download for smart tv
  • You will be taken to Google’s application store where you can browse for applications, download and install them on your TV.
  • In the Google play store, you can use the navigation buttons of the TV remote and select the search icon.
  • You can either use a microphone or on-screen keyboard on the TV to search the SHAREit app.
Shareit Android TV
Shareit Android TV
  • If you want to use a microphone for search, you can say SHAREit into the microphone on the remote control.
  • To use the on-screen keyboard for search, press the right arrow on the remote control twice. The on-screen keyboard is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Google play store app automatically displays share its an app that corresponds to your search.
    From the shown result download and install the SHAREit app on your Android TV and start using it in the right way.

Final Words:

This is a simple way to download SHAREit for Android TV. With the help of the SHAREit app on your Android TV, you can easily send or receive any kind of files from or to any devices which are having the same application. And also it is very simple to handle. Hope this post will help you.

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