SHAREit for Blackberry (z10/z30/9790) Download

SHAREit for Blackberry is a file transferring application that allows people to move files from a device to another device via Wi-Fi. It uses Wi-Fi to move files in between devices, so you do not need data to transfer files in your device. SHAREit is a cross-platform application that supports all devices such as blackberry, iOS, windows phone, android, and desktop versions of windows. So, you can move files between a variety of different devices. Using SHAREit, you can share all the files and data including pictures, movies, videos, audio, document, games, and even other applications. All you need is to look for another SHAREit user to share your data. No cables, no data charges and no need to wait for long hours to share bigger files.

shareit for blackberry
shareit for blackberry

SHAREit for Blackberry also has a built-in video player that supports almost all kinds of formats. The app also has an elegant music player with a powerful equalizer that provides an immersive experience for you. This file transfer application is not only dedicated to moving files but also allows users to streaming videos, films, music, pictures, GIFs, memes, etc. You can easily enjoy the music on SHAREit through Times Music. The infinite collection of online videos in the SHAREit app can overwhelm you when file transfer takes place. Also, all videos are available in either online or offline. It is all of your convenience how you prefer to watch them. You can also enjoy trending music and the songs that have gone viral recently within the app.

Features SHAREit for Blackberry:

Highest possible speed;

  • SHAREit for Blackberry lets user transfer files at the highest speed without the usage of mobile data. Using Shareit you can transfer files from one device to another device in the speed of 20 MB/s. Actually, it is 200 times faster than a standard Bluetooth connection. Therefore, Shareit is best when you share large files such as HD films or lengthy media content.

Transfer any files

  • You can share any type of files of any format such as videos, images, audios and more with your friends at the same time from or to blackberry devices. You no need to worry about the viruses while files transferring because SHAREit offers a secure program and it is frequently analyze the viruses while file transfer and similar types of malware.

Wi-Fi direct technology

  • SHAREit for Blackberry uses Wi-Fi direct technology to create a local hotspot connection. Through this hotspot connection, you can easily connect the devices upto five and easily transfer the files.

Phone replicate

  • This app helps you to replicate contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, music, videos, apps and other data from your old to the new one in just a simple click.

Group Share

  • One of the best features of this app is group sharing. Through this group feature, you can easily share any files with your friends by forming a group. Your friends join the group that you have created and everyone in the group can send files to others.

Cross-platform sharing

  • SHAREit supports cross-platform file transfer and file sharing between iOS, blackberry, android, computer, tablets or anything. No USB or cables are needed to transfer data with your computer or tablets

Share Zone

  • This feature allows you to select the files in advance and that will be seen by other shareit users with whom you connect in the future using SHAREit app. Also, You can easily add or remove files from the shared zone at any time.

Play files using the built-in player

  • SHAREit app comes with a built-in feature to access photo and media player. So, you don’t need to install any separate apps to access received files. So, can easily access music and video files using this built in feature.

Trending music

  • Utilizing the SHAREit app, you are always aware of all the innovations, trends in the music world and you can listen to millions of well-known songs collected on thousands of playlists in both online and offline.

GIF and Stickers

  • You can share and download a tremendous amount if GIFs, stickers and wallpapers.
  • Access to a location you can find nearby users of SHAREit by using access to the location. Your privacy is safe because it always requires permission for this access. You can use Bluetooth connection for this purpose as well, it will even faster.

How to download and install SHAREit for Blackberry?

Step 1: Open the Blackberry app store on your device.

blackberry app
blackberry app

Step 2: Type and find the official SHAREit app by using the search box of the App Store.

shareit for blackberry
shareit for blackberry

Step 3: Click the install button to start the downloading process and within a few minutes SHAREit app will be installed on your Blackberry device.

shareit for blackberry
shareit for blackberry

Step 4: Select the launch button to open the application. That’s it. Now you can share or receive all types of files within a second.

How to transfer files from Android phones to other devices via SHAREit?

  • First, you need to download the SHAREit application on both of the devices available on respective application stores.
  • SHAREit will automatically create a Wi-Fi hotspot of its own in case no network of Wi-Fi remains available.
  • Once the Wi-Fi hotspot enabled on your device, Go to the settings and then go to the Wi-Fi connection.
  • You have to make sure to turn on the Wi-Fi connection and select the hosted network
  • Now, Connect both the devices to the same Wi-Fi network and open the SHAREit app on both devices.
  • If you are sender, on your sending device, you need to click the “Send” icon and select the file to send. Once the file is selected, click ok or Next to continue.
shareit for blackberry
shareit for blackberry
  • If you are receiver, on your receiving device, Click the “Receive” button. After clicking the receive button, the receiving device’s user name and their profile while displayed
  • Now, The sender needs to click on the Profile picture to send the file.
  • If you do not get connect with your friend, you will get a message ‘friend not found’.
  • In that case, go to the bottom part of the page, where you will get the option of selecting a particular device to set up a connection for transfer files. You need to choose the available option.

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Final words:

Transferring is made easy now with the SHAREit for blackberry. Sending files via SHAREit for blackberry is best of all other such applications because the file you share with your friends or family does not reduce the quality of the files.

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