SHAREit for Jio Phone Download (2021 Updated)

SHAREit for Jio phone is to transfer photos, videos, music, apps, and any files. It is a free application that provides premium quality. It also makes easier for users to transfer large files across multiple devices. It does not matter on which platform you are using because it only communicates with other SHAREit enabled devices. SHAREit for jio phone does not require lighting or USB cable in order to work and it does it all over Wi-Fi. It does not transfer data through a common Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. Instead of connecting Wi-Fi, Jio Phone creates direct wireless connection. So, you can connect up to five devices like a small network.


SHAREit comes with a built-in photo viewer and media player. So, you don’t need to use other apps to access the received files. You can listen to music and watch videos right inside the app. SHAREit does not available on jio app store, but still, you can use the SHAREit app on jio phone. In this post, we are going to provide some tips to the jio phone users that will help them to utilize SHAREit app to its full potential.

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How to install the SHAREit App on your Jio phone?:

You must need SHAREit app on your Jio Phone for various purpose. You can know more about Jio Phone, Right? Jio Phone is not like other basic mobile phones, it will offer the internet facilities and allows users to install lots of android applications too. So, most of the people like to use it. Do you want to install SHAREit for Jio Phone? You can easily installed when you visit and search for the SHAREit app in the Jio app store. I will guide how to download and install it so that anyone who has a jio phone on their hand can easily install the SHAREit app on their phone. Follow the below steps properly

Step 1: First of all you need to install the Play Store on your jio phone.
Step 2: Go to Settings and then select the security option in your settings. From there check the ‘Unknown Sources” option to install third-party apps in your phone.
Step 3: To install the apps from Google play Store, you need to open the menu in your jio phone.
Step 4: In the menu section, you will see the browser app so you need to click on that browser app to open it.
Step 5: Now your browser has been opened and now you need to open google in the browser. After Google page opened, you type and search the Play Store on Google.

shareit for bluestack
Shareit for jio Phone

Step 6: Go to the official play store website from where you can download and install the play store application that are supported by your jio phone.
Step 7: When the play store is completely loaded in your jio phone, tap on the search bar and type SHAREit. Now it will show the search result, click on that specific result.
Step 8: Now click on the install button and you will see that the app will start installing in your jio phone.
Step 9: After installation of SHAREit is completed, you will see the SHAREit icon is loaded in jio phone menu bar and it will be opened and ready to use. It can share all the data from your jio phone to any other jio users.

How to transfer files from Android or any other phone to jio phone:

Without using the SHAREit app, files can be transferred on the jio phone. You can also transfer the files using Jio Phone’s Hotspot and updated android device with SHAREit application. Simply, follow the steps given below;

Step 1: Open settings in jio phone and in the list select the Wi-Fi hotspot option, just click on it and make it on.
Step 2: If you want to send any of the files to the jio phone, you should have an updated version of the SHAREit app and open it in Android phone.
Step 3: In the right of the SHAREit app, you will see four dots (four mini square), click on it and select the ‘web share’ option to proceed. (You can even tap on ‘Share with jio’ option)
Step 4: Then it will show you the two-step process to share files to jio phone using web share option. In the first option, it will show you to browse the URL to get the files and the second one it will show you a QR code to scan. Click on the URL option.

shareit for mac qr code
shareit for mac qr code

Step 5: Now select any type of files such as songs, videos, document, PDF or image which you want to share. After selecting click on the send button to begin the sending process immediately.
Step 6: Now you have to open the browser in the jio phone and search the web URL which is provided in the SHAREit to begin the sending process.
Step 7: After searching the URL, the jio phone will automatically show the file which you are sending from the SHAREit, click on the download option to get the file. These is the simple steps you can do to transfer files from any phone to a jio phone.

Note: Jio user can use Wechat or QQ or Weibo app to scan the QR code shown on the android device to transfer files instantly. Make sure to turn on the mobile data to let any app to scan QR code.

Final Words:

I hope the above methods may help jio phone users to transfer all types of files to other devices and can enjoy the SHAREit app on the jio phone with or without installing SHAREit application.

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