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SHAREit for Laptop is a free application that allows you to transfer your content including images, videos, app, documents and folders at lightning speed between devices. It is available for free and you don’t need to worry about paying for anything in any way. One of the greatest things about this app is the multi-platform support which means you can use SHAREit on any device. This app only communicates with other Shareit enabled devices. So it is important that the person who you want to share the file with also has Shareit in his or her device. SHAREit app uses the common connection for connecting with other devices. It also uses a secure connection for transferring files.

shareit for laptop
shareit for laptop

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Top features of SHAREit for Laptop:

Share everything:

  • With the help of the SHAREit, you can share everything such as videos, photos, music, PDF, word document, PowerPoint document, contact and even apps from one device to another.

Group Share:

  • SHAREit for laptop supports Group shares up to five devices at the same time. So, you can share a party video, music album or photo gallery to up to five of your friends simultaneously.

High Speed:

  • SHAREit for Laptop lets user transfer files at the highest speed without the usage of mobile data. The speed of file transfer from one device to another device is up to 20 megabytes per second. Therefore, Shareit is best when you share large files such as HD films or lengthy media content.


  • You can easily share files between laptop or PC, windows phone, Apple, Android phone, and Mac.

Instant messaging:

  • Currently, instant messaging has become a trend in SHAREit. It gives you that platform to send or receive messages between you and your friends like Whatsapp, Facebook or Skype.
  • Play files using built-in players are it comes with a built-in photo viewer and media player. So, you don’t need to use other apps to access the received files. You can listen to music and watch videos right inside the app.

Music and video player:

  • You can enjoy music online or offline while sending files. SHAREit gives you that feature where you can listen or watch any music or video. Also, You can check out the latest music or videos.

GIF and Stickers:

  • You can share and download a tremendous amount of GIFs, stickers, and wallpapers.
    Access to location
  • You can find nearby users of SHAREit by using access to the location. Your privacy is safe because it always requires permission for this access. You can use Bluetooth connection for this purpose as well, it will even faster.

Share Zone:

  • This feature allows you to pre-select files that will be seen by everyone with whom you connect in the future using SHAREit. You can add or remove files from the shared zone. It supports video, music and APK files only.

How to download and install SHAREit for Laptop?:

The downloading and installation of Shareit for laptops is so easy task. Just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to your browser on your laptop and search for SHAREit for Laptop. There will be a list of websites that offer an extension file for SHAREit. Click any one the results or open the official page of SHAREit.Step 2: Download the extension file of SHAREit and save it anywhere on your laptop. It may take a few minutes to download the Shareit to your laptop. Allow it to download completely and the time of download is based on your internet speed.
Step 3: Once it downloaded, you need to install the app on your laptop. Navigate to the folder where the file was previously downloaded and double-click it to start the installation.
Step 4: There will be a security notification popup and need to click on run.
Step 5: Click the ‘yes’ button when the system asks you to allow the app to make changes on your device.
Step 6: Continue and click on the ‘Next’ button until you are prompted to click on the install button.

easy way to download shareit pc
easy way to download shareit pc

Step 7: After it completes the installation process, it will show a popup message that says finish. Click on the Finish button.
Step 8: When finished you can now open Shareit and start using it on your laptop.

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How to set up and share files with SHAREit for Laptop?:

  1. Open the SHAREit app on your Laptop.
  2. Initially, it will show you the tutorial on how to use it. Once you go through the tutorial and after that click the ‘don’t show again’ checkbox.
  3. You can change the destination folder. It is a folder where you want to store received files.
  4. To change the destination folder, Select the three-line symbol which appears in the top right corner.
    From there click on ‘Settings’.
  5. Click ‘browse’. You will your laptop folders. Select any drive or folders you want to save and then click the ‘Save’ button.
  6. Click on folder symbol in the top right corner which is left to three lines symbol to get access to the folder from the SHAREit app itself.
  7. SHAREit assigns the name of your device as the user name by default. However, you can modify both the name and the profile picture according to your preference.
  8. You can see ‘send’ and ‘receive’ buttons. If you want to send files to anyone, click on the ‘send’ button and if you want to receive files from someone click on the ‘receive’ button.
  9. You can browse files which you want to send or simply you can drag and drop the files, then click on the ‘Next’ button.
shareit for ios
shareit for ios
  • After you click on the Next button, SHAREit looks for devices that want to receive files from you. When it finds,
  • it shows on your screen. Click on it to start sharing.
  • Once completed with the transfer, it shows a 100% transfer completed.

Final Words:

SHAREit for laptop is the best way to transfer files between laptops and other devices. And it is a free and easy way to transfer files. The high ranges of features are available in the app. So just install and enjoy sharing files with your friends and family members.

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