Shareit For Mac (10.8 5/10.7.5) Download

  SHAREit for Mac is a free networking tool that lets you share your contents like videos, photos, folders, music, documents, files and also apps at lightning speed between various devices. This sharing application automatically creates a wireless connection with up to five devices, similar to a small Hotspot network. The developers of Shareit said that the speed of file transfer from one device to another device is up to 20 megabytes per second and it is possible while maintaining a strong connection between the two devices. This is 200 times faster than a standard Bluetooth connection. Therefore, Shareit is best when you share large packets data such as HD films or lengthy media content.


While sharing the files using SHAREit for Mac, you should keep in mind that devices must be able to locate one another in order to send or receive information.The maximum allowable distance to achieve this capability is approximately 30 meters or 100 feet. However, there is no other internet connection is required for two users to share files with one another. It will require you to maintain 21 MB of free memory space on your device. This is relatively small when compared to some other services. Group sharing is also available; through this, you can share data and files with your friends by forming a group. Then you can also try SHAREit for ios.

About Shareit On Mac 10.7.5 :

SHAREit for Mac supports cross-platform file transfer and file sharing between IOS, android, computer, tablets or anything. No USB or cables are needed to transfer data with your computer or tablets. This app lets you take a backup of photos or other files to the Mac. This will help you to save the storage available on your device. SHAREit app acts as a remote which lets you run a presentation on your Mac book. It prevents the use of conventional remotes such as the mouse and allows you more freedom to move around while you are presenting.

shareit for iphone 11
shareit for iPhone 11

The connection between the devices is very stable in this app. You can experience better sharing through SHAREit for Mac. Then You Can Also Use SHAREit for PC.

How to download and install SHAREit for Mac 10.8 5?

There are two methods available to download SHAREit for Mac. They are

  1. Install SHAREit for MAC using MAC Book App Store
  2. Install SHAREit for MAC using Bluestack

Method 1:

Download SHAREit for Mac using Mac book App store:

Step 1: Go to the App Store on Mac and search for the SHAREit in the search box of the App Store.
Step 2: The SHAREit and the related applications will be displayed on the screen. You need to choose the appropriate app from the list.
Step 3: Just click the SHAREit app and then click the install button.
Step 4: Now the SHAREit will be downloaded and directly installed on your Mac book. And simply follow the on-screen instructions to properly install it.


Step 5: After completing the installation process, simply click the app icon to launch it. That’s all, now you can enjoy sharing files with your friends or family members using SHAREit for Mac.

Method 2:

Download SHAREit for Mac using Bluestacks:

To download SHAREit for Mac, you must have to download and Install the Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an emulator which helps you to use android applications on your Mac book. Just follow the below steps to Download SHAREit for Mac using Bluestacks.

Step 1: To use Shareit on your Mac, first you have to download bluestacks. You can get the installation file on their official website and download it. Once you have downloaded, simply install it on your Mac and open the program
Step 2: Once you open the bluestacks software, you will be asked to log in or create an account. If you already have an account, click the login option. If you do not have an account, click the register option and answer the form to create your account
Step 3: After signing in to your Google account and go to Google Play Store. And search for Shareit on the search bar
Step 4: After completing the login process, search SHAREit in the search box which appears on the top right corner
Step 5: Now the app center will open and the SHAREit app
Step 6: Click on the install button on the right to install the SHAREit app.

shareit for bluestack
shareit for bluestack

Step 7: Once you complete the installation process, the app icon will be visible on the home screen and start using the SHAREit app in MAC.

Features of SHAREit:

  • SHAREit for Mac provides users with almost unparalleled transfer speeds. Using this, you can send and receive files between different devices and speeds. And it is said to be one of the fastest file transfer app.
  • This app is absolutely free to download and install. This is one of the reasons why it is often preferred over other such apps that require some money.
  • SHAREit for Mac is a secure program and it is frequently examined for the presence of viruses and similar types of malware.
  • You can search for any files or folders that were accidentally deleted. Then, they will be restored in a normal manner.
  • It is a cross-platform sharing service, it will consume any wireless data that would be associate with file sharing service.
  • One of the most unique features of SHAREit is that it does not need an internet connection to function.
    It helps you to transfer gigabytes of content from phone to computer, computer to phone, computer to computer or phone to phone in a matter of seconds without the need of any cables, USB drives or network charges.
  • You can share your content without the need for Bluetooth, network or Wi-Fi.
  • SHAREit allows you to share almost any file such as pictures, videos, music, contacts, apps, documents, etc.
  • It allows you to connect instantly to the devices with the help of QR code, which your time in waiting for the device to connect.
  • There is no limit on file size. So, you can easily share uncompressed photos and long presentations.

How to use SHAREit On Mac?

  • Simply install the SHAREit app on both the sender and receiver devices to initialize its functionality. It requires a user name to identify your device name. The user name is must because it will help your partner to find your device.
shareit for mac qr code
shareit for mac QR code
  • Then find the “Show QR Code” on the home screen of the app and click it.
  • You can easily Scan QR Code using the camera on your device and this will connect both the devices. To share files, receiver need to click on the receive button and sender need to click on the send option.
  • Then, the sender needs to choose files that they want to share with another one.

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