Shareit For Ubuntu (16.04) Free Download

SHAREit for Ubuntu is a software application that can be used to send and receive files between different devices and speeds. This amazing application allows you to share any kind of large files with high quality. Using SHAREit, you can share all the files and data including pictures, movies, videos, audio, document, games, and even other applications. All you need is to look for another SHAREit user to share your data.No cables, no data charges and no need to wait for long hours to share bigger files. Group sharing is also available; through this, you can share data and files with your friends by forming a group. If you want to enjoy SHAREit for Ubuntu features on your Ubuntu, you need to read this post completely. We will guide you on how to download and install SHAREit for Ubuntu.

shareit for ubuntu
shareit for ubuntu

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How to download and install SHAREit for Ubuntu:

SHAREit app is not officially available on Ubuntu. So you need to do some alternative methods to run android apps on Ubuntu. There are two methods available as mention below. Just follow any one of these methods to download the SHAREit for Ubuntu.

Method 1: Download SHAREit for Ubuntu using Virtualbox and Genymotion:

Virtualbox is an excellent virtualization tool, especially for desktop operating systems. You can use this virtualization software for installing and using another operating system within a virtual machine. Genymotion is an android emulator that lets you run android virtual devices on your system. Let us see how to use SHAREit for Ubuntu using Virtualbox and Genymotion.

Virtualbox and Genymotion
Virtualbox and Genymotion
  1. First of all, you need to install Virtualbox on your Ubuntu.
  2. On your Ubuntu desktop activities toolbar, click the Ubuntu Software icon to download Virtualbox.
  3. In that, click the search icon and enter Virtualbox in the search bar. The search result will list the Virtualbox entry. You need to Click the Virtualbox entry
  4. Then, click the install button to start the installation process of Virtualbox. It will provide authentication details as only an authorized user can install software on Ubuntu.
  5. Enter you’re your password and click the authenticate button. Now, the installation process gets started
    Virtualbox will be installed on your system and then you have click on the launch button. Now Virtualbox will be ready to use.
  6. Now, you have to download Genymotion on your system. For that, go to the official website of Genymotion at from your browser and click on sign in.
  7. If you already have a Genymotion account, just sign in. If you don’t have an account, just click on Create an account and create a new Genymotion account and sign in.
  8. After completing the sign up you will receive an email that will help you to activate your account on
  9. Genymotion website. Activate your account and download Genymotion software on your system.
  10. Your browser will prompt you to save the Genymotion installer file. Just click to Save File option. Now your browser will start downloading a Genymotion installer.
  11. After the download is finished open a new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and run the ‘#chmod +x emotion-2.0.1_x86.bin’ command to make the installer executable.
  12. And run the file with ‘#./genymotion-2.0.1_x86.bin’ command
  13. Genymotion player will appear after you run the software. Now open Genymotion a virtual device. Select a
  14. virtual device available to install from the list. Now you can see an android screen on your system.
  15. After that, go to the play store and login it. And then search for SHAREit and choose the desired app. Install SHAREit on Ubuntu. That’s it. You have successfully installed SHAREit for your Ubuntu device.

Method 2: Download SHAREit for Ubuntu using Anbox emulator:

Open the terminal by clicking CTRL+ALT+T on your Ubuntu and type command as ‘Sudo apt install snapd’. Now snapd will be installed on your Ubuntu.

shareit for ubuntu
shareit for ubuntu
  • To install Anbox on Ubuntu, enter the command as ‘snap install –classic anbox-installer && anbox-installer’
  • To complete the downloading process of the snap package, you should provide the password.
  • After that, you should type 1 on the Ubuntu terminal to install an Anbox emulator.
  • A list of files added from PPA will be shown to you. To autostart Anbox, you need to log in to it.
  • Click on I agree on the button to proceed with the installation of Anbox.
  • After completing the installation process, you need to reboot your Ubuntu. Now Anbox will be available on the desktop menu of your Ubuntu.
  • Open the Anbox emulator to launch it on your system.
  • Now go to settings and then select security options. In that, tap on unknown sources to install the SHAREit app. When prompted, click ok button to proceed further.
  • Go to your favorite web browser on your system and the search for SHAREit apk. Go to any Browser and download the latest version of SHAREit. And save it on any directory.
  • When SHAREit completes its downloading, go to the directory in which you have saved the apk file and double click on the SHAREit APK file.
  • Now, SHAREit will begin the installation process on your Ubuntu. After completing the installation process,
  • launch the SHAREit App on your Ubuntu. That’s all. You have successfully installed SHAREit for your Ubuntu device and you can start transferring files between devices.

Final Words:

Transferring is made easy now with the hands-on SHAREit App on Ubuntu. Every transfer gets completed within a few seconds even if the file size is large. I hope the information given about SHAREit for Ubuntu is helpful for you.

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